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Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality that has shown to be effective with different disorders including anxiety disorders, depression, marital problems, alcohol and substance use, and severe mental illness.

CBT has several main ideas:

  1. Psychological problems are linked to unhealthy thinking patterns

  2. They are a result of learned patterns of unhelpful behaviors.

  3. People can learn coping skills to manage their problems.

CBT involves changing thinking patterns. These strategies include:

  1. Being aware of distortions that are causing problems

  2. Developing a greater understanding of the behavior and motivation of others.

  3. Learning problem-solving skills to handle difficult situations. Developing greater esteem in one’s own abilities.

CBT involves modifying behavioral patterns. This involves:

  1. Confronting one’s own fear instead of avoiding it

  2. Roleplaying to deal with challenging interactions with others

  3. Relaxing one’s own mind and body

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