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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a mindfulness-based psychotherapy that helps you stay focused on the moment and not dwell on past thoughts or actions. It helps you to move through negative emotions and focus your energy on healing instead of dwelling on the negative. 

ACT therapy helps you to accept life experiences as they come without trying to judge or change them. It involves mindful exercises to build a more understanding relationship with difficult experiences. This will help you to overcome obsessiveness and feel peace of mind. 


Acceptance involves dealing with feelings that seem out of control and mindfully accepting them.


Direction involves having a positive approach that will keep you moving forward instead of dwelling on the past


The action involves taking control and deciding to stay with a positive approach


Actions – Identifying recurring thought patterns and what you would like to prioritize. The emphasis is to not focus on things you cannot change and focus on what you can control.

Girl Relaxing

Mindfulness is a very important part of ACT therapy. It helps you to ground yourself in the present and notice feelings, sensations, and the outside environment. It helps you to develop a non-judgmental acceptance of your thoughts and feelings. It can be practiced anywhere. All you need to do is bring yourself back to the present. You can ground yourself with the breath and focus on sounds, scents, and activities. People find that mindfulness brings them peace, purpose, and happiness.

ACT therapy can help with a variety of mental health conditions including work stress, anxiety, depression, stress regulation, substance abuse, and phobias (irrational fears).

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